POWERFUL EPISODE: Joe Rogan X David Goggins

Major Takeaways from this episode. 

Your mind and your experience of reality is exactly what you create it to be. You will get out of life exactly what you expect and feel you deserve. 

NOBODY is coming to save you....if your waiting for the big sign or something magical to happen you must realize that absolutely nobody will be coming to save you.

The seeds of insecurity, pain and struggle each plant an equal and exponentially greater potential of growth and success. 

Your mind will try to convince you that you aren't the person you know yourself to be...the person you know you want to become and feel you really are. The pressure from friends, peers and family for you to conform to the person they see you are is immense. People do not want you to change. In order to grow you must have the courage to become the person you truly are and let those around you accept that or leave. 


Julian Hakim