Filters For Life

Question Everything

Never accept the way things are done.  Apply your own set of filter on everything. Respect and take other views into this final calculation. Less value on status quo, the way things have been done. 

Positive Value Exchange

Give more than I take no matter what, without expectation. 


Your biggest competitive advantage. 51/49 on everything. 

Embrace Change

Look forward to change. Love change. Know that change is growth. Believe that change is progress. Eat sleep breather change. Enjoy change. Welcome change. 


Doesn't matter how good your service, product or idea is. Without attention you can help nobody. Attention is the most important commodity period. 

Feelings Are the Gateway

Your feelings in this moment unlock everything your mind can conceive. Always be in a high vibration of gratitude and appreciation to manifest your thought into reality. 

Attachment to Nothing

No idea. No process. No person. No relationship. No way of doing things. Detachment from outcomes. 

Speed Wins  

Stop letting perfection cripple you. Don't let your grand vision paralyze your ability to start. Just get something done. Do it. Then improve it. Just get moving. Get momentum going. Continual improvement. 

No Negativity

Suffocate yourself with optimism and positivity. No news. No politics. Don’t engage in meaningless conversation. Audit your circle and cut out all sources of negativity. 

Power of Network

Audit your circle. Just because you’ve been friends or partners in the past does not guarantee a spot in the present. As you grow your circle should too. The bottom get replaced. Continuous cycle. It’s ok to outgrow people. They were important to your development and going deeper are ways is ok. 

Leverage thought Partnership

 With the right people. Give up control. Multiply yourself. Bring on talent or partners with strengths that compliment you.

Brick by Brick

 Everything one step one brick and one inch at a time. Clouds and dirt mentality. Have the vision but put the work in. Don’t let the size of the task or end goal cripple you. Start one thing, one email, one call. Break it down into bite sized tasks. Define what you must accomplish on an hourly, daily basis to reach that one year 3 year 5 year target. 

99 and 1

Live your life on the 99 to 1 rule. Whatever you do must bring you fulfillment and happiness. True success is defined by being able to wake up and do the things your source and heart desire. Don’t get sidetracked by money. Make less be more happy. 99/1 everything. 

Blinders On, Rear View Gone

The past is dead. Only future looking. 

In Your Own Head

Stop giving a fuck about anyone's opinion or judgement but your own. You will take regret to the grave. Your loss or win will always be your own to carry. 

Ticket In The Game

You've got the ticket. Might as well ride the ride. Play all out. No sense sitting on the sidelines. Get in the game and choose to die on your own sword.